Download files & snapshots

Download files from the Files view

Use the  Download icon in the files taskbar to save pictures and video files to your computer.

  • Select file(s) using the white selection boxes that appear in the top-right corner of each file thumbnail. An orange checkmark and border should appear to confirm the selection:

  • Click the Download icon to expand links to Files and Snapshots
  • Click Files. Your selected files will be put into a .zip file.The progress bar at the bottom of the screen will update as the .zip file is prepared:

  • When your files are ready to download, this pop-up will appear in the upper right corner of your screen:

Click the Download button to save the .zip file to your computer’s ‘Downloads’ folder. The .zip will be titled, where Project_Name will be the project from which the file(s) downloaded, 2016-MM-DD will be the download date.

Download snapshots from the media reviewer

Use the  Download Snapshot icon on the media reviewer taskbar to download image files and images of video frames, called snapshots, to your computer. (You can't download a video file from the reviewer screen, and you'll need to do it from the main Files view.) Snapshots are saved to your computer as .jpg files.

  • To download an open picture file, simply click the Download Snapshot icon. 
  • To download a snapshot from an open video file, pause the video at the frame you want to download, or pause the video and choose a frame by clicking to "move" the timeline to it, as shown here: [animation]
Note: If you click ‘Download Snapshot’ on an opened video before watching it or moving to a frame, it will just download the first frame in the video (00:00).
  • Click the Download Snapshot icon. This loading wheel will appear on the video while the snapshot image is prepared:

  • The image will save to your computer’s ‘Downloads’ folder as a .jpg file. The file is automatically named after its original video’s name and the snapshot timestamp: for example, a snapshot downloaded from the 39-second mark of file Jobsite crane video.mp4 will be saved as Jobsite_crane_video- 

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