The Tags view

NOTE: Please read the Introduction to SmartTag and More about tags & definitions articles before continuing!

Members of a project with Can Manage and Can Collaborate roles can use its Tags view to manage the tag dictionary. 

The Tags view shows the tag tree, a visual display of all the tags being used in a project. An example tag tree is shown here:

The tree’s display is organized by hierarchy, with first-level parent tags furthest to the left. Child tags (or descendant tags) are indented beneath their parent tags. Parent and child tags function the same way; this hierarchy is just meant to help you organize tags into categories that make sense for you and your team as you create and edit tag definitions. 

A child tag can have its own “descendants," indented beneath it, and so on for any further nested tag levels. There is no limit to how many levels, or to the number of child tags a parent tag can contain.

To move a tag's location in the tree, click it (holding down your mouse) and drag it to a new position. Its descendant tags (if any) will move with it:

Click through the topics below to learn about managing tags using the tag tree. The icons on the Tags view taskbar, shown here, will be explained and used throughout these tutorials:

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