Create a tag definition

Create a parent tag

To create a new parent tag definition, use either the Add Tag icon on the Tags view taskbar, or the Add Tag button at the bottom of the tags tree:

  • Click either to open the Add Tag pop-up window:

  • Type the name of the tag in the Tag title field.
  • Select/unselect the checkboxes to turn the 3 possible tagging behaviors on/off (all behaviors are selected by default for new tags).
  • To add an alternate tag to the definition, enter it in the Other alternates field and click + to save. Repeat for any additional alternates you want to add. All the alternates you add should appear as a list:

(Click the ‘x’ to the right of an alternate if you decide remove it before saving.)

  • Click the Add Tag button to save the new definition.

Create a child tag

To create a new child tag to another tag:

  • Hover over the tag and click the Add Child icon: 

    The Add Tag pop-up will appear, but the tag definition created with it with it will be saved as a child tag to the original tag. For example, say you click the Add Child icon of the ‘Property Type’ tag and fill out the Add Tag pop-up like this: 

This will define the ‘Detached’ tag, with ‘Single family’ and ‘Two-family’ as its alternates, as a child to the ‘Property Type' tag:

  • Click the Add Tag button to save the new child tag.

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