Create, edit or delete tags

Create a parent tag

From the  Tags view, click either the + taskbar icon or the 'Add Tag' button to open this pop-up:

  • In Tag title field, type the tag's name.
  • Select/unselect the checkboxes to turn the 3 possible tagging behaviors on/off (all behaviors are selected by default at first).
  • To add an alternate tag to the definition, type it in the Other alternates field and click + to save. 
    • Repeat for any other alternates. All saved alternates should appear listed:

    • Click the ‘x’ to the right of an alternate to remove it before saving.
  • Click the 'Add Tag' button to save the new definition.

Create a child (descendent) tag

To create a child tag to another tag:

  • Hover over the parent tag and click the Add Child icon:
  • The standard  Add Tag pop-up will appear, but the tag definition you create it with it will be saved as a child tag to the original tag. 

  • Choose tagging behaviors and enter alternates (follow same steps for creating a parent tag).

  • Click the 'Add Tag' button to save the child tag.

Edit a tag

  • Hover over the tag and click the Edit icon to open this pop-up:

  • Type in the Tag title field to edit the tag's name.
  • Use the Tagging options checkboxes to turn tagging behaviors on/off. 
  • Exiting tag alternates will be listed below the Other alternatives field. Use the ‘x’ to the right of each alternate to remove it.
  • To add a new alternate, enter it in the the Other alternatives field and click + to save. Note: If you try to add an alternate with the same name as an existing tag or tag alternate, you will get this error:

  • Click 'Update Tag' button to save changes.

Delete a tag

Deleting a tag definition removes it and all its descendent child tags from the tag dictionary. It will also remove all instances of the tag found on project files. Currently, you can only delete one tag definition at a time.

  • Hover your mouse over the tag and click the Delete icon:

  • You will get this pop-up warning stating how many tag instances on project files will be removed:

  • Click 'Delete' to permanently delete the tag  and all its instances.

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