The files Info Panel

As you work in the Files view, you can use the Info Panel to view file properties and edit file names and tag instances.

  • Click the Info Panel icon to expand it onto the right side of the screen: 

  • If you select a single file, you'll be able to toggle between two panes using the icons at the top of the panel. The Properties pane shows the following information about photo or video files:

    Image file properties 

Video file properties 

The other pane, the Tags pane, lists all current tags on the selected file:

  • If you select multiple files, the Properties pane disappears and you can only use the Tags pane to add new tags to all selected files. Type the tag you want to add in the Enter Tag field and click +. (You cannot delete tags from multiple files with the Info Panel.)
  • Click the Info Panel icon again to collapse it when you’re finished.

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