The Members view

    Members with Can Manage or Can Collaborate project roles in a project can use its Members view to manage other members with lower permission levels. 

    Users are shown as member thumbnails, with each thumbnail displaying the member’s registered name (or email address, for invited users who have yet to sign up) and current project role. If you can manage a member, their thumbnail will have a checkbox in its upper right corner. If you cannot manage a user, their thumbnail will be ‘locked’:

    Ex. Unlocked thumbnail - OK to edit  ✔ Ex. Locked thumbnail - Can’t edit  ✖

    Adding a new member

    • Open the Add Member pop-up by clicking either the Add Member icon on the top taskbar, or the thumbnail at the bottom of all member thumbnails:

    • Type the email of the member you want to add in the  Enter new or Select member field. A list of full or partial text matches to existing users' emails will appear as you type. Click on an email match to select it. You can also click the field's right arrow to view a list of existing users to choose from. If you enter an email that is not yet registered in, an invitation email to register and join the project will automatically be sent.

    • Click the Permission field to expand a menu of the five possible member roles. Click a role to assign to the user.

    • Click the Add Member button to save.

Click on any non-locked member thumbnail to access their member page, where you can edit the user's project role and notification settings.

Change member role

  • In the Project Permission portion of the Member page, use the radio buttons to assign the user one of five possible member roles. 
  • Remember to click the Update Member button when finished to save your changes.

Change notification settings 

  • In the Project Notifications portion of the Member page, select if you would like the member to receive email notifications whenever anyone uploads files to the project. This is useful for users who need to stay on top of new content. Note: Notification emails can only be turned on for members with Can Manage and Can Collaborate roles.
  • Remember to click the Update Member button when finished to save your changes.

Delete members

You can delete a member by clicking the Remove button on their member page. 

You can also delete a single project member from the main Members page:

  • Hover over the member’s thumbnail to display a vertical ellipsis in the bottom right corner. Click the ellipsis for a link to Remove:

  • Click Remove. You will get this pop-up warning:

  • Click Delete to permanently delete the member from the project.

To delete multiple members at once (i.e. bulk delete):

  • Select members using the white checkboxes in the upper right corners of member thumbnails. An orange checkmark and border should appear around each to confirm selection:

  • Click the Tasks icon in the top taskbar to expand a link to Remove:
  • Click Remove. You will get this pop-up warning:

  • Click Delete to permanently remove the members from the project.

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