Delete a project

Members with Can Manage role privileges have the ability to permanently delete a project. Deleting a project erases it and all its contained content from 

To delete a single project:

  • In the Projects landing screen, hover your mouse over the the project's thumbnail to display a vertical ellipsis in its bottom left corner. Click the ellipsis to expand link to Delete:

  • Click Delete. You'll see this pop-up warning:

  • Click Delete again  to permanently delete the project.

To delete multiple projects (i.e. bulk delete), use the Tasks (cog) icon in the taskbar:

  • Choose projects using the white selection in the top-right corner of each project thumbnails. An orange checkmark and border should appear to confirm selection:

  • Click the Tasks icon and click the expanded link to Delete. You'll receive this pop-up warning:

  • Click Delete again to permanently erase the selected projects. 

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