Share a file

You can use the Share Icon, found in the media reviewer and the FIles view landing page, to send a file to someone via email or a generated link.

To send a file from the media reviewer, open it and and click the Share icon in the taskbar:

Quick Tip: These instructions are for sharing a single file at a time. If you try to use the Share File icon on more than one file, you will receive an error message. You can learn how to share multiple files at once in the Share search results article.

To send a file from the Files view landing page, choose it using the selection box in the top-right corner of each file thumbnail. An orange checkmark and border should appear to confirm selection:

Then, click the Share File icon in the taskbar:

The Share icon opens the Share File pop-up. Use its top two radio buttons to select one of two possible sharing methods:

Sending an email with a link

This sends an email containing a link to the view, and an optional personal message.   

If you choose this, follow these next steps:

  • Type the email address to share with. As you type, matches with emails of existing users will be auto-suggested. If the email you enter is not registered in, an email will be sent inviting the user to join and view your file.
  • From the Permissions drop-down menu, select Can View or Can Edit to choose whether to allow the user to add tags, comments & markup to the file.
  • Click the + icon to save. Repeat the last 3 steps for any additional people you want to share with.
  • Type an optional personal message in the Message field.
  • Click Send to share the file.

Creating a shareable link

This generates a hyperlink to the file and for you to copy to your clipboard. You can then paste the link wherever you want to share it.

If you choose this, follow these next steps:

  • From the Share With drop-down menu, choose if you would like to link to be (a) viewable just to project members, or (b) viewable to organization users (meaning any users in the project’s parent organization).
  • From the Permissions drop-down menu, select Can View or Can Edit to choose whether to allow the user to add tags, comments & markup to the file.
  • Click the Copy Link button to copy the share link to your computer’s clipboard. You should see this pop-up confirmation in the upper right corner of the screen:

  • Paste the link wherever you’d like to share it by using the paste keyboard keystroke Ctrl + V.
  • Click Done to close the Share File window.

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