Search for project files

Use the search bar to find photos and videos in a project. The search bar is along the top of the screen in any of the 5 project views:

You search for files usingany of the following criteria:

Tag name Returns files with instances of the tag.

Example: Searching for the tag 'wood' will return any files with instances of a 'wood' tag.

Tag name + descendants 
Returns files with instances of the tag, or instances any of its descendent tags. 

Example: If the tag ‘Location’ has child tags ‘First Floor’ and ‘Second Floor,’ searching for 'Location’ and selecting including descendants" will return files tagged with any of the three.

User name or email Returns files uploaded by the user.

Example: Searching for the user 'John Doe' will return any files John Doe has uploaded to the project.

Alternate tags Returns files with instances of the tag or the tag it's an alternate to.

Example: If tag ‘First floor’ has alternate ‘Level One’, searching for ‘Level One’ will return any files tagged with either. 

Free text Returns matches with text in file names, untagged  image recognition, or comments.

Example: Searching for ‘cracks’ will return a file with ‘cracks’ in its name, i.e. Concrete cracks 102816.jpg, or a file with a comment containing 'cracks' i.e. “Looks like there are cracks in the concrete here."

QuickTip: In the past, you may have had to re-run SmartTag across project files every time you created a new tag to capture its tag instances. Now, searching for free text will also return un-tagged instances of search terms found in project images. This means if you haven’t created a tag definition for 'scaffolding' within a project, running a free text search for ‘scaffolding' will still find pictures SmartTag detects as showing scaffolding!

To run a search:

  • Type one or more terms in the search engine. 
  • As you type, full or partial matches to your text found in project tags and user names/email addresses will be auto-suggested underneath, as shown here:

Click on an auto-suggestion to select it as a search term, or press enter to select the top/first result. To search by free text, simply type a word and hit the space bar to save it as a free text term.

  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any other criteria.

    QuickTip: You can run a search for multiple criteria, but keep in mind that this is more restrictive and limits results to only files with  all search criteria, not any files with at least one of the criteria. For example, a search for both the ‘window’ and ‘ceiling’ tags only returns files with instances of both, not all files with ‘window’ tags as well as all files with ‘ceiling’ tags. 

  • Hit Enter on your keyboard to load search results. Here is an example results screen:

  • Click the Share Search button highlighted above to send someone a link to view all files found in the search.
  • Click ‘x’ to the right of Share Search to exit the search results screen.

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