The projects Info Panel

As you work in the  Projects screen, you can expand the Info Panel to view a project's members and, with sufficient role privileges, add and delete other users.

The Info Panel is located on the right side of the screen. Click the i-panel icon to expand/collapse the panel:

  • Select a project using the selection boxes in the top-right corner of the project thumbnails. An orange checkmark and border should appear to confirm selection:

The panel then shows you a list the project's current members:

  • To add a new or existing user to the project, type their email in the address field and use the drop-down menu to assign them one of the five member roles. Then, click the + icon add the member. If you email you entered belongs to a registered user, they will be added to the project its parent organization. Otherwise, an invitation email to join the app /view your project will be sent to the address entered.
  • The ‘x’ delete button appears next to any members your project role allows you to manage, including yourself. Use these buttons to remove yourself or others from the selected project. NOTE: Be careful to not accidentally click the remove buttons, as this instantly deletes the user -- you will NOT be prompted to confirm your intent to delete!
  • Click the i-panel icon again to collapse the panel when you’re finished.

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