Search for a tag

You can search a project for any tag defined in its  tag dictionary
A tag search will show you all project files with at least one instance of the tag (visual, audio, and/or manual). You can only search for a tag within the scope of one project's files. You can't search for a tag across two projects, even if it is defined in both projects' tag dictionaries. 

To search for a tag from the Tags view:

  • Hover your mouse over any tag to display its Search, Edit, Add Child and Delete icons. Click the Search icon to search all project files for the tag:

To search for a tag in the search bar:

  • From any of the 5 project views, start typing the tag into the search engine and select from the list of drop-down matches:

    Ex. Tags matching entered text "fac"

  • Hit Enter to run the search.

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