Set up a BIM 360 Field integration

Follow these steps to set up a one-way integration between a project in and a project in  Autodesk BIM 360 Field. An integration will automate a sync of all your BIM 360 Field photos into the project, including issue description, location, author and other photo metadata.  You can then use all of's capabilities to organize, search, and share your Autodesk content without having to manually upload it.  Once a project's initial sync is complete, it will check for new updates in BIM 360 Field approximately every 10 minutes.


Go to the project's  Integrations view and click the BIM 360 Field thumbnail: 

You'll be taken to the configuration page, shown here: 

  • Click the Connect button to open this pop-up:

Enter your BIM 360 Field ID and password and click Connect.

  • Under Integration Configuration, click the BIM 360 Field Project menu to expand a list of your Autodesk projects. Choose the project you want to integrate with by clicking on it.
  • Under Integration Status, select the Enabled radio button. Your integration should now be set up. Click Sync Now to import your files. 
  • If you later want to sync to a different project, you'll have to disable the integration by switching to the Disable radio button before you can make any changes. Re-enable the integration once you've selected another project.

If you create or join new BIM 360 Field projects after setting up the integration, you'll need come back and click the  Refresh Project Data button to "pull" new the new content from Autodesk. 

The  Integration Status section shows the last time content was successfully synced with BIM 360 Field. If you want to sync new data right away, click the Sync Now button.

If you're having trouble with connecting or syncing to BIM 360 Field, please  contact support.

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