Group & sort files

File thumbnails

Project members with Can Manage or Can Collaborate roles use the landing page of a project’s Files view, which shows all of its files as file thumbnails. Here’s an example:

Each thumbnail shows the file’s type (photo or video icon in lower left), name, date & time taken, number of tag instances, and number of  comments:

Ex. Photo thumbnail

File type: Photo
Name: image1.JPG
Taken: Apr 28, 2016, 03:31 PM
Number of tag instances: 16
Number of comments: 0
Ex. Video thumbnail

File type: Video
Name: Main lobby.MP4
Taken: May 01, 2015, 10:03AM
Number of tag instances: 4
Number of comments: 5


  • The number of SmartTags the file has is shown in the orange circle on the top left thumbnail number. The number of tags total, including manual tags, is shown in the bottom right. These numbers won't always be the same, depending on if you or other team members add manual tags.
  • To quickly change a file’s name, click its name on the thumbnail to turn it into an editable text field:

        Type your changes and press Enter to save the new name.

Group files

The Group By taskbar icon lets you customize how file thumbnails are organized into categories on the landing page. 

Click on the icon to choose from these grouping options:

group options.jpg

Files are not be separated into any groups.
Files are grouped by when they were uploaded to the project, in weekly increments.
Created Files are grouped by when they were taken (i.e. recorded/captured)
Type Files are grouped into video and photo files.
Member Files are grouped by which member uploaded them.

Groups will be separated with headers based on their group categories. Each header shows the number of pictures and videos in that group. Here's an example of files grouped by "Uploaded" date: 

Sort files

The  Sort By icon lets you customize how file thumbnails are sorted. Sorting is complementary to grouping; if you choose 'None' as your group setting, all files will be sorted in one big group. If you do choose a group setting, files are sorted within their specific groups.

Click on the icon to choose from these sorting options:


Files are sorted by when they were uploaded to the project, from most recent to least recent
Created Files are sorted by when they were taken (i.e. recorded/captured)
Type Files are sorted by their type (first photos, then videos).
Member Files are sorted by which project member uploaded them, starting with the member with the least files.
Name Files will be sorted alphabetically by their names, in this order:

  1. Names starting with numbers e.g. 00012416site.jpg
  2. Names starting with uppercase letters e.g.
  3. Names starting with lowercase letters e.g. 

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