The media reviewer

Click on a file’s thumbnail to open it in the media reviewer. The reviewer is where you and other team members can look at media files, add tags to pictures and video frames, and share links to files or specific tags with other users.

Looking at pictures

The reviewer screen is slightly different from pictures and videos. Here’s an example of the picture reviewer:

At the bottom of the screen are the  Zoom In, Zoom Out and Fit to Screen icons (circled above). Use these icons to change the picture view. 

Quick Tip: You can also click anywhere on an image once to zoom in to the point where you clicked.

Looking at videos

In the video reviewer screen, these icons are replaced by the video timeline:

The timeline lets you play a video and shows where tag instances and comments (more below) have been placed throughout the video. Use the icons circle above to play, pause, or skip between the tag instances and comments on a video.

Quick Tips: Use the Space bar to play or pause a video. When paused, use the Right or Left arrow keys to move forward or backward one frame.

The media taskbar

Each icon on the reviewer taskbar can be used to help view, manage and share files.

File tags 

The  Tags panel on the left side of the reviewer screen is used to manage the tags on an opened file. The Tags panel is open by default; click this icon at any time to collapse/expand it:

Check out  Working with file tags to learn how to use the Tags panel to add, delete, share and verify file 

Share a file 

Use the  Share icon to share a file with someone: 

Check out Share a file to learn how to use the Share icon and the different sharing methods. 

Download a picture or video snapshot 

Use the  Download icon to save copies image files or video frames (saved as .jpg images) to your computer:

Check out Downloading files & snapshots to learn how to use the Download icon.

Scroll through files 

Use these  scrolling arrows to scroll forwards and backwards through thumbnails of the other files in project:

Click on another file’s thumbnail to open it. Hover your mouse over a thumbnail if you want to see the file's name before you click on it. For example:

Comments and markup

The  Comments panel on the righthand side of the screen, is used to add comments and visual markups to the open file. Check out Working with file comments to learn how to use the comments feature.

The Comments panel is collapsed by default. Click this icon any time to expand/collapse it:

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