The Egnyte integration


You can set up a one-way integration between an  Egnyte folder and a project in  This will automatically sync all pictures & videos in the folder (including any subfolders) to You can then use's capabilities manager your Egnyte content -- no need to manually transfer or upload the same files twice.

Check out this video to see an Egnyte integration in action:

Set up & configure

You'll be taken to the Egnyte setup page, shown here:

  • Under Egnyte Connection, click 'Connect' and enter your Egnyte domain in this pop-up:
  • Click 'Next' and enter your login credentials. You'll be asked to give permission to access your Egnyte account information -- click the  Allow Access button to finalize your login. You should then see this back on the setup page:

  • Under Configuration, you'll see your top/primary Egnyte folder. For example: 

    Click a folder to expand a view of its subfolders. 

  • Click on a folder to integrate all of its content, and content from all subfolders it contains.  All folder and subfolder names will be created as parent and child tags in the  tag dictionary, following their original hierarchy, to help you keep track of where in Egnyte a picture came from. 

  • Under  Integration Status, choose the 'Enabled' radio button. 

  • Your integration should now be ready. Click 'Sync Now' to import folder files.


  • If you later want to sync to a different Egnyte folder, you'll have to disable the integration (click the 'Disabled' radio button) before you can make any changes. Turn the integration back on once you've selected a different folder.

  • The  Integration Status section shows the last time Egnyte content was successfully synced. If you want to do a sync right away, click the 'Sync Now' button.

If you're having any trouble connecting to or syncing with Egnyte, please  contact support.

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