What is Smartvid.io?

Smartvid.io is a cloud-based hosting platform that helps companies create value from their industrial media by making it easy to upload, organize, analyze, & share.

We designed Smartvid.io with the specific needs of industry in mind. Our users need to be able to do things like:

  • easily capture content from many different people into one repository;
  • find an image without needing to hunt through and/or name thousands of images;
  • quickly share content and feedback, without having to take screenshots or use external markup tools;
  • share video frames or snippets, without wasting time on video editing;
  • use a platform that gives them total control over access to each and every piece of media.

The core functionality of Smartvid.io is our automated  SmartTag engine. SmartTag uses automated algorithms to looks at your media and place tags on it, making it organized and highly searchable. SmartTagging uses machine learning, which means it's self-improving and very adaptable; it constantly changes its behavior, based on your usage and feedback, to better suit your team's content and specific needs.

Once you understand how the software is organized, how SmartTagging works, and how to harness the power of its flexibility, sit back and watch it give you back the time you spend doings things the manual way.

Welcome aboard!

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