Delete an organization

You can delete an organization in which you have an owner or administrator  user role. Deleting an organization permanently removes it and all its contained projects from the universe. 

Before you can delete an organization, you need to  delete all of its users. You'll get this error if you try to delete an organization that still has one or more active users:

To delete one or more organizations:

  • On the Admin homepage, select org thumbnails using the white selection boxes in the upper right corner of each thumbnail. An orange checkmark/border should appear to confirm selection:

Quick Tip: You can also delete a single org by hovering your mouse over its thumbnail to display a vertical ellipsis in its bottom right corner. Click the ellipsis to expand links to 'Edit' and 'Delete': 

  • Click the Tasks icon on the taskbar:

  • Click the expanded link to 'Delete'. You'll receive this pop-up warning:

  • Click 'Delete' again to permanently erase the organization.

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