Change user sign-up mode

Owners or administrators of an organization can use its Settings page to manage registration methods for new users.

  • On the Admin homepage, click the org's name in the left navigation panel to expand links to its Users, Profile and Settings pages. Click onto Settings:

  • Under Organization Sign-Up Mode, set up one of three options:

By invitation only

Under this mode, new users will only be able to join the organization if an existing user adds them or  shares them a link to view tags, searches or files.

  • Select By invitation or request only.
  • Leave the 'Enter comma separated email domains' field empty.
By invitation or request  Under this mode, new users can join the organization by a) being invited or b) asking to join when they   register with an email belonging to specified domains. An organization admin will need to approve join requests.

  • Select By invitation or request. 
  • Enter email domain(s) for automatic request in the text area. Separate multiple domains with commas, e.g.,,

By invitation or email domain 

Under this mode, new users will be able to join an organization by a) being invited,  or b) registering with an email address from a specified domain. For example: if you choose this and save as an allowed domain, users that sign up with an email address will automatically get access to the organization.

  • Select By joining with any email from these domains
  • Enter allowed domain(s) in the text area. Separate multiple domains with commas, e.g.,, You cannot enter public domains (,, etc).
  • Click 'Update Settings' button to save your changes.

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