Change your name, password or email

My Profile

Use your My Profile page to make changes to your registered name, e-mail address, and password. To access the page, click the 'My Profile' link in the bottom left corner of the Admin homepage.  You can also click the orange button in the upper right corner of any page to access My Profile,  My Settings and the main Help Center, or to sign out:

Change your name

  • Use the Name fields to edit your registered first and last names.
  • Remember to click the 'Update Profile' button to save your changes.

Change your email address

Depending on your user role in your primary organization, you may be able to edit the  Email Address field. 

  • If the field is grayed out (if you can't type into it), contact your organization's administrator to request an email change. 
  • If you need help figuring out who your administrator is, please contact support.

Change or reset your password

To change your password:

  • Enter your old password in the Old Password field.
  • In the New Password fields, enter your old password twice.
  • Remember to click the 'Update Profile' button to save your changes.

To reset your password:

  • Click the 'Forgot Password' link and enter your account email to receive a password reset link. NOTE: Doing this will log you out of your session and erase your old password from our system. You'll need to reset your password with the emailed link before you can log back in.

If you've having trouble with your password or any other settings, please  contact support

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