The Procore integration


You can set up a two-way integration to autmoatically sync content between a project in  Procore and a project in Sync is bi-directional, meaning photos or videos added to a project in either app will automatically flow to the other. (Content won't be duplicated -- e.g., content imported from Procore won't then re-sync back to Procore). 

The integration syncs approximately every 10 seconds.

Once your integration is configured and projects are connected:

  • Photos in your project will be added to the photos area of the connected Procore project. 
  • Videos in your project will create snapshots (images of video frames) for each tag found in your video, and these images will be added to the photos area of the connected Procore project.
  • Photos in your Procore project will be added to the Files view of the connected project, tagged with the title of the source Procore album.
  • Any tags on a photo or snapshot will be added to the caption of its corresponding synced Procore photo.
  • Photos or videos deleted in either or Procore won't be deleted in the other.

Check out this video to see it in action:

Set up & configure

  • Go to the project's Integrations view and click on the Procore thumbnail:

    You'll be taken to the setup page, shown here:

  • Under Procore Connection, click 'Connect' and enter your Procore credentials in this pop-up:

    If your browser is also logged into Procore, you'll instead be asked to authorize access

  • If you've forgotten your password, click the Forgot your password? link to send a reset link to your Procore account address.
  • Under Integration Configuration / Select Procore Company, choose the Procore company containing the project you want to integrate with.
  • Under Integration Configuration / Select Procore Project, choose the Procore project to connect to. 
    • Note: If you've already logged into Procore from this project but have since created a new project in Procore, click the Refresh Project Data button to sync the new Procore changes.
  • Under Integration Configuration / File <-> Album handling, choose how you'd like your content delivered to Procore:
    • Upload all files to one specified album - if you choose this, change the Album Name field to whatever you want.
    • Upload all files to an existing Procore album  - if you choose this, a menu of existing albums will appear for you to choose from.
    • Upload files to weekly Procore albums (best practice) - if you select this, use the Weekly Album Prefix field to enter an automatic prefix for synced album titles. As the titles are by default the date of sync, i.e. 01-15-2017, we suggest leaving “Week of” as is.
  • Under Integration Status, click the 'Enabled' radio button. 
  • Your integration should now be set up. (You'll need to refresh the project screen for newly-synced Procore files to appear.)


  • If you later want to sync with a different project, you'll have to disable the connection (select the 'Disable' button) before making any changes. 
    • NOTE: If you create or join new Procore albums or projects after you first set up, come back and click 'Refresh Project Data' to "pull" the changes from your Procore account. 
  • Once you've made any changes, click 'Enable' to turn the integration back on.

If you're having any trouble connecting or syncing to Procore, please contact support.

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