Upload files

You can add files to one of your Smartvid.io projects from its Files  project view

  • From the Files view, click on the Upload Files taskbar icon to open this pop-up:

  • Click the 'Browse' button and select files or folders from your computer for upload, or simply drag and drop files & folders into the pop-up window. Dragging a folder will add all of its contained image and video files (including subfolders) for upload. 

    QuickTip: Uploading a folder will automatically tag its contained files with the folder's name. To remove this, click the 'x' next to the tag:

  • To manually add a tag to all files in your upload, type it in the Enter new or select existing field. As you type, matches to existing project tags will appear below: 

    Click on a tag to add it. You can also click on the field's arrow to expand a menu of tags in the project’s  dictionary:

  • To add a new tag, type it in full and click the + icon to the right of the field to save.

    QuickTip: This adds the new tag to the project dictionary with all three  tagging behaviors enabled by default. If you want to turn any of them off, edit the tag later.

  • Click 'Upload Files' button'. Thumbnails will appear as they files are being uploaded and SmartTagged:

  • Once files have finished uploading, this pop-up will appear in the top right corner of the screen:

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