Upload files

Use the Upload Files icon on the Files view taskbar to add files to a project. 

  • Click the icon to open the Upload Files pop-up:

  • Click the Browse button and select files from your computer for upload. There is no limit on the number of files you can upload at once. The size limit for an individual file is 8GB (gigabytes).
  • To apply a manual tag to all the files in the upload, type the tag in the Enter new or select existing field. Autocomplete matches to existing tags will appear below the field as you type. Click on a match to select it. You can also click the arrow to expand a menu of all tags in the project’s tag dictionary

Quick Tip: To add a tag that isn’t yet defined, type the tag and click the + Add Tag icon to the right. This creates a definition for the tag in the project dictionary, with all three tagging behaviors enabled by default.

  • Click the Upload Files button to add your files. If you selected more than 1000 files, or any file(s) exceeding 8GB in size, you will get an error message and the extra and/or oversized file(s) will be removed from your upload. (The other files will still be added.) 

  • Newly uploaded file thumbnails will show as “Preparing” while they upload and are SmartTagged:Once all files have finished uploading, this confirmation pop-up will appear in the upper right corner of your screen:

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