Manage organization users

Owners or administrators of an organization can use its Users page to manage other user profiles. Click an organization’s name in the left navigation panel of the Admin homepage to expand links to its User Profile and Settings pages:

users view placards.jpgEx. Users page. Thumbnails show names and current roles

Add a new user

  • Click the + taskbar icon or the 'Add User' thumbnail to open this pop-up:

  • Enter user’s email address. 
  • Click the Organization Role menu to choose from the Guest, User or Administrator roles.
  • Click 'Add User' button to save. 
    • If the email you entered belongs to an existing member, they will now be able to access the organization from their Admin homepage
    • If the address you entered is unregistered, an invitation to join will be sent. The user's thumbnail will display email address and say “Invited” until they register with their full name.

Re-invite a user

  • Hover over the user's thumbnail to display a vertical ellipsis in its bottom right corner. Click the ellipses to expand links to Edit, Remove, and Reinvite the user:

  • To resend an invitation to the same email address, click Reinvite.
  • To resend an invitation to a different address, follow the Edit user profiles below to save a new email. Then, return to the thumbnail and click 'Reinvite'

Edit user profiles

  • Click a user thumbnail to go their User page:

  • Type in the Name fields to change first and last name.
  • Type in the Email field to change the user's address.
  • Use the radio buttons to select one of the three possible organization roles.
  • Be sure to click the Update User button to save your changes.

Delete users

To delete one or more users from an organization:

  • Select users using the white checkboxes in the upper right of each user thumbnail. An orange border and checkmark should appear to confirm selection:

QuickTip: You can also delete a single user by hovering over their thumbnail to display a vertical ellipsis in its bottom right corner. Click the ellipsis and click expanded link to 'Remove'

  • In the top taskbar, click on the Tasks icon (cog) to expand a link to Delete:

  • Click Delete. You will receive the following pop-up warning:

  • Click the Delete button to permanently delete the user(s) from the organization.

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