Promote & demote tags

The Promote (left) and Demote (right) icons on the tools taskbar can be used to to change a tag’s hierarchy level. Promoting a child tag will move it one level up (to the the same level as its parent tag), while demoting a parent tag will make it a child tag of the parent tag directly above it in the tree. To promote or demote one or more tags, select tags using their checkboxes and click the corresponding icon:

You can also click and drag a single tag to change its hierarchy. To promote a tag, drag it out from under its parent tag: 

To demote a tag, drag it underneath another parent tag:

If you just need to promote/demote one tag, drag it. If you want to promote/demote multiple tags at once, use the taskbar icons, but exercise caution to avoid mistakes in hierarchy and/or tag location.

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