Manage your account settings

Use the  My Settings page to manage your primary organization, notifications and sample project. Click the 'My Settings' link in the bottom left corner of the Admin homepage

You can also find an orange button with your initials next to your name in the upper right corner of any screen. Click it to access My Profile,  My Settings and the main Help Center, or to sign out:

admin landing page .jpg

Primary organization

In the  Primary Organization Setting section, click the menu to expand a list of organizations you belong to. Click an organization’s name to select it as your primary. (If you only belong to one organization, it will default as the only choice.)

Remember to click the Update Settings button to save your changes.

Notification settings

Depending on your permission levels, you may be to receive email notifications whenever someone on your team uploads new files to one of your member projects.  This is useful if your role involves staying on top of a specific project’s content.

The projects for which you can choose to get notifications are be listed in the Notifications Settings section. Select the checkboxes next to the projects you want to receive email alerts for, then click the Update Settings button to save changes. Later, come back and un-select any projects you no longer want notifications from.

Create/reset your sample project

Every user has the option to turn on a  sample project, a sandbox environment that you can use to experiment with using the project interface. Your sample project is only visible to you, as is any content you add to it.

  • If you haven’t yet activated your sample project, click the Create/Reset Sample Project button to turn it on.  OnceThis confirmation popup should appear in the upper right corner of the screen:

The sample project is by default named  “!Sample Project!” (you can change the name from its  Profile view). Access it as any you would any other project from the Projects view landing screen.

  • If you’ve already used your sample project, click the Create/Reset button to erase any changes made and reset it to its initial state. Look for the same confirmation pop-up. 
  • Remember to click Update Settings when finished to save changes.

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